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With a crisp white graphic look and spacious pockets, the uniforms that will be worn by Team USA at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics were unveiled in April by official equipment supplier Ralph Lauren.

The uniforms, along with Olympic Village clothing designed by Ralph Lauren for American athletes, were ready to go when the Games were postponed last summer due to the pandemic.

“It looks like we’re all gone now,” David Lauren, the company’s head of branding and innovation, told The Associated Press before the reveal. “They had been designed, produced and ready to go. “

The Games are now slated to open on July 23 and end on August 8 as organizers continue to figure out how to hold them as the pandemic still rages on and only 100 days remain. In the meantime, Ralph Lauren is ready with the opening and closing parade gear for the more than 600 US team athletes, those competing in the Paralympics and Olympic-themed merchandise for sale to the public.

The uniforms for the opening ceremony will be unveiled in July.

Lauren, the son of the fashion giant’s founder, said sustainability was a priority for this Olympic tour.

Ralph Lauren, who has been equipping Team USA since 2008, worked with Dow on a pre-treatment cotton dyeing process that uses less water, chemicals and energy than more traditional methods. The process was used for a navy blue polo shirt that each athlete will receive.

An alternative to leather using plant-based materials and agricultural by-products without synthetic plastic was used for a patch on the closing ceremony white stretch denim pants, which is made from cotton grown in the United States. And like the lightweight drawstring jacket, a red, white and blue striped belt for athletes to wear is derived in part from recycled plastic bottles.

The patches are already a memory of the historic Olympic delay: they say “Team USA” with the year 2020 printed in red.

The white zip-up jackets feature navy collars and hoods and red, white and blue striped cuffs. An American flag patch is on one arm and “USA” is on the other, the latter also on a pant leg. Athletes will wear a classic white polo shirt, white striped sneakers and navy blue masks also in American cotton. The uniforms were made in the United States.

The Company’s Olympic retail collection is available for purchase on Ralphlauren.com and in June at select Ralph Lauren retail stores, select US department stores and online at TeamUSAShop.com. All revenues support Team USA.

“We want our athletes to be truly ambassadors of American style, culture and sportsmanship,” Lauren recently said via Zoom from Manhattan. “We also understood that the message of the Olympics was about sustainability, that it would be the most sustainable Olympics in history and a chance for the team to be ingenious around new ways of thinking about our environment.”

Scroll through this gallery of Olympic uniforms from 1920 to today and see the Tokyo Olympics uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren for the 2021 games.

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