A relaxed look at Maplestory many years later

I have to say it’s been a long time since I played Maple story. I would be lying if I said this was my first… MMO… sort of? Well, aside from the mushy reminders of the memory lane, it got me thinking how much that has changed. Of course, I am aware that Maple Story 2 exists, but I only grew up with the awkward aspect of 1.

The original Maple history is a free 2D side-scrolling multiplayer online role-playing game for those who don’t know. It was developed by the South Korean company Wizet and published by Nexon (another South Korean company) in North America and Europe. South Korea first got the game in 2002, and North America got it in 2003. While Japanese and Taiwanese also exist, the version I liked was the North version. American.

Each Maple history account can create up to 20 characters per server.

I believe the year I started Maple history was 2011. At the time, because my PC wasn’t exactly stellar, Maple history took forever to load. Seriously. I wouldn’t recommend trying to load it from a spinning hard drive. Fortunately, we are now in the era of SSDs, and although Maple history was never designed to take full advantage of SSDs, it is always better to load it with fast processing.

Being a 2002 game, it’s no surprise that it doesn’t look very nice to the now standard 1080p resolution. While an option exists in the main menu nowadays, most of the time you will get a pop-up stating that the game is best suited for playing at 1366 x 768 resolution.… Of course, it is not. ideal, but I guess that’s what you get.

My very first character in Maple story was of the Luminous class on the Bera server. While I appreciated his mage abilities, I later found out that if I wanted to play with my friends, I had to be on a server known as Windia (which doesn’t exist these days).

There I tried the Demon Avenger class which relied only on HP and had no MP to speak of. In addition, I took advantage of the Burning campaign which contributed to faster leveling (which, by the way, if you want to start Maple history, creating a character during the Burning campaign is super recommended, as you will get rewards for leveling up and you will have an easier time doing it overall.)

MapleStory celebra seu 16º aniversário with update, mini-games and rewards ⋆

I still clearly remember the questline that made me love Maple history, which is the alternate universe of FriendStory. FriendStory was an isekai-style storyline where the player suddenly lands in a school world after accidentally opening a barrier to the real world.

There were six chapters, and each had various occurrences throughout the school, like making the PE teacher and the infirmary nurse stop hating each other, one where a super hot transfer teacher suddenly makes all the college girls fall madly in love with him… Yeah, I know all of these things are kinda cliché in isekai anime TODAY, but then again, back then, the story was just the best for one. 11 year old child after me.

If you’d like to remember or watch the Friendstory opening, here’s a YouTube video from Nexon themselves. This opening would play every time you started a new chapter. Although this particular video that I linked describes a slightly older version of the characters (the red hooded boy, for example, uses a green hood and has brown hair instead of black in the game). Still, you will understand the main aspects of it, even if it is extremely cliché.

The FriendStory cast consisted of characters from Maple World (yes, that’s what they called it back then) but with a hint of their personalities. My favorite chapter at the time was Chapter 6. Here is the synopsis: A new student arrives at Shinsoo International School with a Rock Virus which infects the student body, causing them to play air guitar and act like rock. stars. Join Irena’s group to help them fight with the power of music!

Yes, you read that right. Throughout the chapter, Irena and her friends hone their music to win the school’s music festival. While I’d love to have screenshots to show… those are pretty much gone, but you can find the FriendStory gameplay on YouTube. Even after completing FriendStory, you can tackle the abandoned school building dungeon in Shinsoo to get Needles and EXP. These needles can be exchanged for cosmetic items to be worn by your character.


Another event that I unfortunately don’t have screenshots to share is the Eluna Explore event. In it, you travel to another planet called Eluna. The quest has allowed you to defeat a multitude of enemies, either with friends or on your own online with random people.

By defeating the monsters, you obtained eight types of Eluna crystals. Each of them could be exchanged for EXP items. If memory serves, it was hailed as the “Best EXP Farming Event” in Maple history story, but I can’t say if it was true or false at the time. Here’s a screenshot of Nexon’s notification page at the time:

MapleStory Override / Beyond: ELUNA Event Trailer (English Subtitles) - YouTube

One last memory I have from my early days Maple history It was during my very first closed beta test, on a server called Tespia (a coat rack on “testing” and “utopia”). As with any closed beta, there have been a lot of events released, and if there’s one that I can remember distinctly, it’s the “??? ??? ??? Box incident ”.

Due to the fact MapleStory the source text is in Korean and the game used your computer’s font, the Korean characters did not display as they should and caused clutter in the boxes and their descriptions. But it was so much fun to test and laugh with all the players. I had a great time, and would love to do it another time someday. Testing events in a closed beta before anyone else still feels magical to me, even years later.

In 2021, Maple history hasn’t changed much since I left, except maybe there are several other classes you can try now, and even though I don’t have time to try them all, this is still the same 2D game as always, and I really enjoyed taking this short trip down memory lane. Back in the days when it took five minutes to load it onto a cranky hard drive. It’s a shame his sequel, Maple Story 2, was not as popular, having closed last year. Still, I’m sure Nexon has plenty of plans with the original. Maple history, even if its engine is very outdated.

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