Angry college coach injures fan for making fun of his “little pants”

Northern Colorado assistant Max McCaffrey is in hot water after breaking his notebook, throwing it in the stands and accidentally bumping into an opposing fan. Normally this could be attributed to a simple ‘angry manager’s moment’, but it might be the first time in football history that a coach blew up his top after someone pulled out. laughed at his pants.

The opposing fan, high school student heckling McCaffrey, told Greeley Tribune about what precipitated the launch of the clipboard.

“I said, ‘Hey coach, maybe you should focus on your pants size, rather than breaking a clipboard,’ the elder told the Tribune in a text message.

McCaffrey, who, yes, is the older brother of Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, was furious when his younger brother and northern Colorado quarterback Dylan McCaffrey threw an interception. It seems the pant commentary was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Let’s put it all together and it’s hilarious, but I’m dying to know what’s up with those pants. Maybe the fan misspoken and meant “tight,” but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant small.

What are “little pants”? I had to know. Google searches revealed numerous photos of McCaffrey’s older brother, but he wears sports shorts almost exclusively, not pants at all. Did this teenager think shorts were little pants? Was the coach wearing shorts that were too tight? Is this a third possibility all together, like a sports capri or even flood pants?

Obviously, whatever these pants are, McCaffrey is attached to them. No one gets upset when someone makes fun of clothes unless it’s an item they really like. I am led to believe that there is something special about these pants, something precious. So when a teenager makes fun of those “little pants”, the coach has lost it, because it’s like making fun of a child for him.

This sent me on a quest to find out what the “little pants” were. Obviously it’s a garment, it can be anything – but we had a few clues to get us out of it.

  • McCaffrey always wears athletic shorts.
  • Every photo of him shows a fondness for black shorts.
  • There would have to be something unique about those pants to justify the anger.

Finally, after looking for “little pants” at several retailers, I found these on Amazon, which matched the invoice.

The “FASKUNOIE Men’s Casual Cotton Shorts 3/4 Jogger Capri Pants Breathable Below Knee With Three Pockets” is suitable for all categories here. These are joggers who would appear from the stands as if they were tiny pants. They fit the wheelhouse of McCaffrey’s pants with a twist, which means I could see him being proud of these pants because they are more unique than the other pants in his wardrobe.

Time will tell us. We all just want to see the pants.

h / t To the brilliant Matt Brown, who sent me to this rabbit hole.

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