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KIMBERLY – Just a few days ago Kimberly’s football team won the Division 1 state title and more than 20 players who play in college and JV on the basketball team in Papermakers also play football.

“There’s so much value in these young men living this race to a state championship,” Kimberly’s head basketball coach Jon Murphy said. “It’s an incredible achievement.”

Last Friday, senior quarterback Seth Miron threw a touchdown pass on Mukwonago and on Sunday he had to turn the page on the basketball season.

“It kind of hit me, I’m never going to put on a Kimberly football helmet again,” he said. “A little hurt, but I’m ready to play basketball.”

Despite the quick turnaround and lack of practice last week, the camaraderie is already established considering the time they’ve spent on the grill together. The Papermakers finished second in the FVA conference last year and ended the season with a loss to Neenah in the third round of the Division 1 playoffs.

“Everyone knows everyone else, so the camaraderie is already there and everyone likes each other, so you don’t really need to make any new basketball connections,” Miron said. “Everyone has played with each other before.”

With an all-new starting five, head coach Jon Murphy hopes Miron can bring his quarterback leadership to the hardwoods. The senior striker finished third on the team in points per game last season.

“I think what he’s been through in football, being the quarterback, being the leader of this group and winning a state title – that’s going to pay dividends for us,” Murphy said. “I think that will help him gain confidence as he steps into a new role this year. Now he’s kind of his team and he’s ready for that moment.

And Miron is ready to rise to the occasion.

“Leading a football team is a challenge and leading a group of new players to the basketball team is going to be another challenge and I’m always open to a challenge,” Miron said.

The Papermakers saw their top two scorers from last season graduate and there are huge shoes to fill with the loss of Jackson Pavaletzke who averaged 30 points per game.

“Huge shoes to fill, but it’s going to be a team effort,” said senior guard Jack Statz. “We have a lot of different guys to fill those gaps. I think we’re going to see a lot more goals distributed this year than last year.

And if this team can gel over the course of the season, they think they can fight to be near the top of the FVA conference.

“I think if we work as a team and we don’t have individuals – I think we’re going to be good,” Miron said.

Kimberly opens her season next Thursday against Hortonville.

Oprah’s favorite styles are 20% off Tue, 22 Nov 2022 22:10:52 +0000 Page Six may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you purchase through our links.

Oprah’s love for Spanx stretchy styles goes back more than two decades.

From classic pants to lightweight loungewear, the shapewear brand’s must-haves appeared on her coveted lists of “favorite things” not just once, but three times over the years.

And while Black Friday is still days away, Spanx is kicking things off early with their biggest sale of the year: 20% off and free shipping on styles sitewide, through November 28.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to start, consider the Perfect pantswho Oprah called “ultra-flattering” on her 2019 favorites list, even saying she called Spanx founder Sara Blakely to “applaud” her after first slipping on the style.

“In sizes XS to 3X they have built-in tummy control, so you don’t need to wear any compression gear underneath – you’re already Spanxed!” she adored the pants, which are made from the label’s signature smoothing point de Rome fabric.

A model in black Spanx pants

The perfect pants, straight cut ($118, originally $148)

The perfect collection has has grown steadily over the years, now including styles like the recently added Perfect Blazer ($198, originally $248) and Perfect combination ($182, originally $228), plus various pant fits and flares.

A model in a black shirt and sweatpants from Spanx

Perfect jogging pants ($118, originally $148)

In addition to Slim Straight ($118, originally $148), there is also 4-pocket ankle ($98, originally $123), Hi-Rise Flare ($134, originally $168), wide leg ($134, originally $168) and Skinny fit at the ankle ($118, originally $148) styles – in addition to best-selling Perfect jogging pants ($118, originally $148) for a more casual look.

But if you’re looking for something even more laid back, Oprah – and Spanx – have you covered.

On her 2022 list of “favorite things”the media mogul hailed the AirEssentials Half Zip ($94, originally $118) and AirEssentials Wide Leg Pants ($94, originally $118), delirium that Spanx also makes “fantastic comfortable clothes”.

A model in an olive green loungewear ensemble

AirEssentials Half Zip ($94, originally $118)

AirEssentials Wide Leg Pants ($94, originally $118)

“When I tell you this set is light as air, I’m not kidding,” she said. written by the soft styles of its roundup ready to offer. “It’s my new leisure suit. The perfectly loose and light fabric is like ass! »

Oprah first included Spanx’s shapewear on her 2000 “Favorite Things List.”

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


She even became an investor in the brand in 2021, alongside Reese Witherspoon and Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd.



Page Six can exclusively tell you that the 72-year-old comedian, still…

Winfrey isn’t the only star dressing up at Spanx; Kylie Jenner has repeatedly reached for the Bra-llelujah! Lightly lined bra ($46, originally $58), while sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian promote the Booty Boost Active Leggings ($78, originally $98) and EcoCare Seamless Leggings ($34, originally $68), respectively.

And if you’re looking for a luxurious look, Kris Jenner and Kelly Clarkson own the brand’s bestseller. Faux leather leggings ($78, originally $98).

With so many options on sale, it might be time to find some new ones. favorites your own.

The 4 Best Online Payday Loan Companies With Bad Credit Options Too Tue, 22 Nov 2022 15:36:00 +0000

Payday loans can provide a fast and efficient way to borrow money quickly in an emergency. Whether it’s $300 or $500, the idea is that you can get a cash advance on your next paycheck and use that money to pay any urgent bills and then pay off the loan in full when your next payday or spread the reimbursement over several instalments.

Payday loans are legalized in 37 US states and there are currently over 20,000 stores where you can physically request and receive same-day funds, primarily in states such as Nevada, Texas and California.

Applying for a payday loan online is often more convenient, with an application taking less than 5 minutes followed by an instant decision and funds being transferred within hours or even minutes.

This article provides information on payday loans, while highlighting 4 companies that offer the best payday loans for anyone who wants to apply online and get a decision today.

Top 4 Online Payday Loans

1. DollarMain

2. Phaabs

3. Dime Alley


Why did we select these 4 companies as the best payday loan companies?

We have selected the 4 best payday lenders based on the following:

Clear eligibility criteria – Our proposed lenders have very clear criteria, including being over 18 and having a social security number.

Fee Transparency – Lenders clearly state the cost of the loan. This is a representative example and the rate you are charged may be higher or lower depending on factors such as your credit score, income and other debts you may have.

No application fee – The companies do not charge any fees to apply and completing an application will have no impact on your credit score.

Same day loans – Subject to further verification, if your loan application is approved, you can receive funds in your bank account the same day of application or within 24 hours.

Data protection – Your data is protected when you apply through a secure server and your information will not be sent to other lenders or third parties without your permission.

Follows the guidelines – The payday loan industry in the United States is highly regulated and listed companies maintain the highest standards by adhering to these regulations.

What is a personal loan?

A payday loan is a type of short-term financing that involves borrowing a few hundred dollars, often used to make someone wait until the end of the month when they get their paycheck from work. These products are offered by private companies, lenders, startups and apps, and regularly help those looking for bad loans.

The average payday loan is around $300, which is transferred from a lender to the customer’s bank account in a lump sum. Payday loans typically last between 14 and 30 days, with the entire loan and interest often paid in full on the borrower’s next payment date.

What are the eligibility criteria for an online personal loan?

Customers must:

• Being older than 18

• Have a social security number

• Be employed with a minimum income of $500 to $1,000 per month

• Have a bank account, an email address and a mobile phone

• Be able to pay reimbursements

How much does a payday loan cost?

Based on an example of borrowing $500, this will cost you $46.23 in interest for 2 weeks, or $92.27 in interest for 4 weeks, or $273.95 in interest on top of that for 12 weeks.

This is based on a representative 500% APR rate (Source: and the longer you keep your loan open, the more interest accrues.

The interest rate and APR you are charged depends on several factors, including your age, credit score, income, residency status, and other outstanding debts. While the 300% to 500% APR rate is offered to around 51% of payday loan customers, this may vary depending on your situation.

How do refunds work?

A payday loan is usually repaid in full on the client’s next pay date, which is usually the last business day or Friday of the month.

Refunds are collected from the lender via an ACH authorization which automatically collects payment from the customer’s bank account (not directly from the employer).

Some payday loans are repaid in monthly installments, with customers having the option to repay over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, or more depending on the lender and loan amount.

You always have the option of repaying your loan early and there is usually no charge. The amount is calculated on a daily interest rate, so if you have the loan open for 14 days, you will pay 14 days of interest.

What are payday loans used for?

• Emergency room

• Car repairs

• Credit card bills

• Medical bills

• Household repairs

• Lease

• Funeral expenses

• Child expenses

Can I get a payday loan for bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a payday loan with bad credit, with the majority of lenders being open to all sorts of stories. Typically, if a customer had a perfect credit score, they might consider a personal loan or a credit card, so payday lenders realize that their customers are more likely to have fair or poor credit histories. .

To qualify, you need a stable income and a commitment to repay your loan on time. Although you may have missed payments in the past, you could improve your financial situation and start paying things on time – and the lender will recognize this and help you get the funds you need.

Are payday loans guaranteed for approval?

Secured payday loans are unlikely as there is usually a series of credit checks and financial capability checks to ensure a customer is suitable and can afford to repay their loan without falling into financial hardship.

However, suppose your loan is not approved. In this case, alternative products can be recommended to suit your needs, whether it’s a title loan secured by your car, a home loan or working with a credit union.

Is it possible to get payday loans without a credit check?

Suppose you are looking for payday loans no credit check. In this case, it is also unlikely, as running credit checks is one of the first things lenders do to determine customer eligibility.

One way to get a loan without a credit check is to use an alternative product where credit scoring is not taken into account. For example, title loans, pawnbrokers, or loans secured against your home that take the value of your property or collateral against traditional credit checks.

But even for these products it is still common for the lender to check your credit score and if there is a long history of missed repayments or bankruptcy this could make it difficult to get a loan and you may have to be contacting a professional to help you get your finances back on track.

What happens if I can’t repay my payday loan?

Not repaying your loan on time can lead to late fees, additional interest, and negatively impact your credit score.

Additional charges will be added if you do not speak to the lender and explain your situation. You should therefore contact the loan company as soon as you have problems, as they may be able to freeze interest, delay repayment, or put in place an arrangement to spread repayment over a longer period.

Some payday lenders in the US will offer extensions or rollovers to people who are struggling to repay and this can be helpful but it can also lead to increased interest and for many it becomes a loan that builds up and they can’t afford it. stopped.

It is very rare to be sued for an unpaid payday loan, unless you have accumulated a huge amount of overdue debt for some time. Likewise, you will not go to jail for an unpaid loan.

Is a payday loan right for me?

If you have a one-off emergency and your payday is a bit too far away, getting a payday loan can be a quick way to borrow money – often much faster than a traditional bank or credit union. .

When you use a payday loan you want to have a clear repayment strategy in mind and know that you can afford to pay it back and that you are not just using the loan to pay off other debts as this could cause a spiral of debt.

Although effective, this type of financing is more expensive than options such as credit cards or borrowing from family and friends.

But if you’ve thought about your repayment and have a regular income, you can use a payday loan to pay a bill, make a major purchase, and find yourself in more financial control once everything is paid off and sorted!

New Jersey players on the USA World Cup team Mon, 21 Nov 2022 15:16:00 +0000

The eyes of the sporting world are on Qatar as the World Cup begins; the United States are in Group B with Iran, Wales and England.

When the United States Men’s National Team hits the field, a few Garden State players might see the weather (we won’t know until the games start). USA face Wales in their first game.

Matt Turner, one of the team’s goaltenders, is from Park Ridge. Matt went to St. Joe’s for high school, where he started playing football to keep fit for his main interests, baseball and basketball. When his freshman team’s goaltender got injured, Matt volunteered to fill in and turned out to be pretty good.

Arsenal FC – PSV Eindhoven: Group A – UEFA Europa League

Getty Images

He then played at the University of Fairfield in Connecticut; he signed as a free agent with Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution after graduation and played for them from 20016 to 2022.

Turner made his debut for the United States men’s national team in 2021 and was named CONCACAF Gold Cup ‘Top Goalkeeper’, starting all six games.

He currently plays for Arsenal in the prestigious Premier League in England.

Arsenal FC – FK Bodo/Glimt: Group A – UEFA Europa League

Getty Images

The other Jersey-born player is Medford’s Brenden Aaronson, a midfielder/winger. He has been called “one of the crown jewels of the new generation of USMNT players”.

Leeds United v AFC Bournemouth – Premier League

Getty Images

He is known as ‘Medford Messi’; it’s a big name to match.

Brenden attended Shawnee HS for a year before enrolling at YSC Philadelphia Union Academy where he graduated from high school. He continued playing for Union after turning professional for them in 2019-20.

Leeds United v Fulham FC – Premier League

Getty Images

After playing in Austria for a year, Brenden signed earlier this year with Leeds, also in England’s prestigious Premier League.

Go to the United States!

The views expressed in the above post are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle only.

You can now listen to Deminski & Doyle — On demand! Listen to New Jersey’s favorite radio show every day of the week. Download the Deminski & Doyle show wherever you get podcasts, on our free app, or listen now.

Click here to contact an editor about a comment or correction for this story.

WATCH: Here’s where people in each state travel the most

Stacker analyzed data from the Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey to determine the three most popular destinations for people leaving each state.

How much does an average house cost in NJ? Median prices by department

Everything costs more these days – and housing is certainly no exception in New Jersey.

Data for 2022 from January through August, compiled by New Jersey Realtors, shows South Jersey saw homes come on the market and sell in less than a month, on average.

Median single-family home prices hit $500,000 and above in nine counties in north and central Jersey.

All but two counties have seen homes cost more than list price, on average, this year.

States with the most registered hunters

Stacker analyzed data from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to determine which states have the most registered hunters. Read on to see how your state ranks on Stacker’s list.
Northwest Women’s Basketball Rebounds Against Southern Illinois Mon, 21 Nov 2022 04:47:13 +0000

Esther Lim/The North West Daily

Sophomore forward Caileigh Walsh considers her options on offense. The New Jersey native had a career-high 24 points and had two threes against Southern Illinois.

Northwestern entered the Welsh-Ryan Arena on Saturday aiming to make a home statement. The team’s last game, a 92-58 home loss to Notre Dame, was marred by three first-half ejections and poor efficiency.

But the Wildcats (2-2.0-0 Big Ten) came back strong with an 84-69 victory over Southern Illinois (0-3.0-0 Missouri Valley).

The Cats caught fire from the whistleblower, as sophomore forward Caileigh Walsh netted an offensive rebound and then ejected sophomore guard Jillian Brown for a three-point corner. NU scored nine unanswered runs before the Salukis netted their first field goal of the game.

Led by Walsh’s powerful inside game, the Cats dominated in control of the action. Late in the first quarter, freshman guard Caroline Lau faked a Southern Illinois defender and scored a driving layup to put NU ahead 25-13.

The Cats just couldn’t miss the second quarter. Coach Joe McKeown’s team scored 71.4% of their shots in the second quarter. NU also went 2 for 3 from beyond the arc to put themselves firmly in control until 52-34.

“We’ve been pretty patient in our execution,” McKeown said. “We had the ball upside down. We were able to exhaust some turnovers and get open looks quicker.

While the Cats had their most prolific offensive half of the season, the team’s defensive efficiency raised some concerns. The Salukis shot 46.7% in the second quarter and center Promise Taylor gave NU all sorts of trouble on the inside.

Early in the third quarter, Taylor launched a 6-0 run for Southern Illinois. The Cats ran into all the trouble in the paint with the Washington native, who led the Salukis with 20 points.

SIU’s quick start in the second half stalled as the third quarter continued, and NU regained control of the momentum as the quarter ended.

Walsh, who was ejected in the second quarter of last Wednesday’s game against Notre Dame, looked comfortable throughout the game. The New Jersey native knocked down a three-pointer early in the fourth quarter and made a final basket to score a career-high 24 points.

“I knew it was my comeback game,” Walsh said. “That game against Notre Dame meant so much to me, and obviously it was taken away from me. But, that’s how life goes sometimes. I just had to have my head straight, and all my teammates and coaches told me. were supporting.

The Salukis held the Cats to their worst shooting quarter in the final period, as they converted just 5 for 15 from the field. However, it was too little too late for Southern Illinois as NU finished with a win and their best score of the season.

Still, questions remain about the Cats’ shortcomings on the boards, as they lost the rebound battle for the second game in a row. After being outscored 58-32 by the Fighting Irish, NU were overtaken 43-35 on Saturday.

“(It’s) a big concern – not just in terms of numbers – but (at) different places on the floor,” McKeown said. “Mis-bouncing on missed free throws – that can’t happen. Basically, you can’t let that happen, and (on) long rebounds I felt like I was beaten to the ball.

The Cats return to play Niagara (1-2, 0-0 Metro Atlantic Athletic) on Tuesday at home. After a two game losing streak and with their last match postponed due to bad weather, the Purple Eagles are looking to steal a win from Evanston.

McKeown said he’s excited for his young team to gain more experience before Big Ten play begins.

“I see great potential in this team,” McKeown said. We had a lot of injuries, (and) we didn’t train a lot. We challenged our team with this schedule.

E-mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @jakepste1n

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Taiwan companies provide recycled plastic jerseys to FIFA World Cup teams Sat, 19 Nov 2022 05:19:00 +0000

Taipei, Nov 19 (CNA) Leading Taiwanese textile suppliers, long part of the FIFA World Cup supply chain, are using their advanced technologies to turn recycled plastic waste into football jerseys and accessories. football, tapping into the tremendous business opportunities in the popular global sporting event.

Far Eastern New Century Corp. is part of. The Taiwanese textile brand has worked closely with Parley for the Ocean, an environmental organization that aims to protect the ocean, as well as Adidas, to roll out jerseys made from marine plastic waste.

At the next World Cup, a total of nine teams have adopted shirts made in the Far East, seven of which – Germany, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium and Wales – having reached the main draw of the tournament.

The Mexican team was even selected by international media as the “best dressed” team.

“Mexico have never been short of solid designs, but even by their high standards their 2022 kits are impressive,” ESPN reported recently. “The detailed pattern emanating from the collar and extending across the entire front of the shirt – a nod to Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec god whose name translates to ‘feathered serpent’ – grabs your attention and refuses to let go. .”

The World Cup, scheduled for November 20 to December 20. 18 in Qatar, is expected to attract a record 5 billion viewers worldwide, creating hundreds of billions of dollars in business opportunities for World Cup product suppliers, according to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA ).

Far East Long Fiber Division Manager Huang Chuan-yi (黃全億) told CNA that his company has spent about seven years developing products from marine plastic waste, but this year, this is the first time that she has been able to demonstrate her efforts. in the deployment of products from recycled plastics during a major international sporting event such as the World Cup.

Huang said Far Eastern has been in the World Cup supply chain for more than 10 years and its products meet the demand of all its customers.

Before the World Cup, Huang said, Far Eastern used recycled marine waste to produce jerseys for FC Bayern Munich and Royal Madrid after carrying out repeated tests of material resilience and color staining in preparation for the World Cup. 2022 event.

Huang said the Far East needed at least three years of research and development for a new product before production could begin. The company has 200 R&D experts.

For its part, Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp., 55, has also been a major player in the World Cup supply chain for more than a decade by developing sophisticated production technologies to earn the trust of its customers, said Lo Shih-chuan (羅時銓), deputy head of Shinkong’s decision-making committee.

Lo said his company has been developing recycled yarn for many years and has built up a strong and very loyal customer base, adding that recycled terephthalate (PET) bottles have served as better production materials for the company’s products. .

According to Lo, Taiwan’s PET bottle recycling rate has reached 95%, the highest in the world, so PET bottles have become a stable material source for Shinkong.

Lo said Shinkong has obtained patents for its Shin Sigma 3.0 technologies to enable its textiles made from recycled PET bottles to have wet-absorbency and quick-dry functions, which is the most demanded. important to athletes.

In addition, Lo said, Shinkong’s products are lightweight and invisible, while their low carbon emissions help them meet the demand for environmental protection.

Lo said Taiwan’s textile industry successfully integrates resources from upstream, midstream and downstream segments to produce yarn, fabric and finished garments and become successful in the global market, citing the 2018 World Cup as Russia, where Taiwanese textile companies accounted for more than 80% of the supply chain.

All NBA Fans Need These Gifts This Holiday Season Fri, 18 Nov 2022 17:04:49 +0000

For die-hard NBA fans, check out these gift picks or a “fan starter pack” that every die-hard NBA fan needs for the holiday season.

City Edition jerseys:

Nike, the NBA and its teams unveiled the 2022-23 Nike NBA City Edition uniforms, which represent the stories, history and heritage that make each franchise unique – honoring the inherent connection between court, community and culture . The uniforms are available for sale at, and at select retailers worldwide.

Available now for $120.00 on the NBA Store.

New Era: NBA Authentics Statement Edition

The NBA Statement Series 9FIFTY snapback features an embroidered team wordmark on the front panels with a team patch on the right side. Additional details include the official NBA Logoman above a rear snapback closure and a gray undervisor.

Available now for $36.99. Shop here on New Era.

Tommy Jeans and the NBA

Step into the stands and rep your favorite team in our classic logo tee. Made from soft cotton jersey and easy to wear fit. A Courtside collection, created in collaboration with the NBA.

Available now for $55/$65/$85 on

NBA Basketball Chibi Plush:

We turn your favorite sports team into plush toys with personality – for fun that lasts. Inspired by Japanese Chibi artwork, each Kuricha plush is uniquely designed to capture your favorite team.

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NBA cup warmer with cup:

Uncanny Brands NBA Team Logo Mug Warmer with Mug – Keeps Your Favorite Beverage Hot – Auto Shut-Off On/Off

This officially licensed Team mug warmer is ideal in the office or at home to keep your drinks warm in your Team mug. Decorated with the team’s iconic logo, it’s an amazing gift for any team fan.

Shop here at Uncanny Brands.

Hasbro Starting Range – Series 1:

The original lineup returns to action with a game-changing line of NBA toys! Featuring premium design and detail, Starting Lineup offers 6-inch scale sports action figures. Each NBA action figure comes with accessories including extra hands, a flight stand and an exclusive Panini basketball trading card that can only be found with the 6-inch figures in the NBA range. departure.

Purchase all 8 NBA Superstar action figures from the NBA Store:

james lebron

Jayson Tatum

Trae young

Ja Morant

Joel Embid

Luka Doncic

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Stephen Curry

Taylor Made Golf – Driver and Putter Heads

Represent your team with the NBA | TaylorMade collaboration and take your favorite team from the hardwood to the putting surface. Whether on the road or on your home course, show your team colors to the fullest.

Chicago Bulls putter and driver

Philadelphia 76ers putter and driver

Golden State Warriors putter and driver

Phoenix Suns Putter and Driver

NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is the latest title in the best-selling and world-renowned NBA 2K series, delivering an industry-leading sports video game experience.

Buy here at the 2K store.

Flex NBA Single Player Starter Set:

Give the ultimate gift to any NBA fan or treat yourself with Flex NBA. Flex NBA is a 5v5 strategy basketball game with stunning artist-drawn acrylic tiles of your favorite NBA players brought to life in augmented reality.

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NBA FUNKO Vinyl Gold:

Score a slam dunk for your NBA collection with these new Funko GOLD figures. GOLD is the perfect way to commemorate some of your favorite legendary NBA players in your collection, and each figure comes in a sleek, display-ready box that’s easy to stack with other GOLD collectibles. There’s a 1 in 6 chance you’ll find these players’ pursuit variant in their City Edition uniform.

Buy here on Amazon.

Sayvia Sellers signs letter of intent to play basketball at University of Washington Fri, 18 Nov 2022 06:18:00 +0000

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — Earlier this year, Sayvia Sellers made a verbal commitment to the University of Washington, but now she’s put pen to paper and made it official.

While Sellers said the recruiting process through major NCAA DI programs was fun, she’s glad it’s over and she can focus on her game. She also said the hardest part was telling others schools that had recruited her that she was choosing another school.

“It felt good to get the whole process over and done with it. It was a fun process – but I’m glad it’s over,” Sellers said.

Sellers found her name thrown alongside other female basketball stars from Alaska like Alissa Pili and Ruthy Hebard. Pili now plays for the University of Utah and Hebard, who played for the University of Oregon, now plays for Chicago Sky of the WNBA.

However, Sellers has a chance to do what no female basketball player from Alaska has ever done if she manages to make it to the McDonald’s All American game, which is only open to the top 24 ranked players.

Sellers are currently ranked 28th.

She held her signature at the YMCA because she wanted the moment to happen where it all began. When her grandfather and mother used to drop Sayvia and her brother off at the YMCA, they couldn’t get them off the basketball court when it was time to leave.

Sellers isn’t the tallest guard at 5-foot-7, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in basketball IQ — which comes from studying the game.

“She will literally drain her battery, but it’s literally watching basketball games. If she plays a game at 6 o’clock, at 8 o’clock she watches it again, she tries to figure out what she could have done differently as a player, a teammate and a playmaker,” her mother said. says Tamika Sellers.

You don’t normally see signings at a gym, but for this one it was necessary: ​​family, teachers, teammates, former coaches and friends showed up to support Sellers on his big day. Another thing you don’t normally see is a player signing his national letter of intent before his senior season, which means you still have a whole season to see one of the best basketball players – girl or boy – come out of the game. ‘Alaska.

“Obviously I want to graduate from college and I want to play professional basketball, if that happens. But you know, I like winning,” Sellers said. “So I really want to win a national title, that’s the ultimate goal.”

Before he can help the Huskies win a national title, Sellers is looking to help win Anchorage Christian School its sixth straight state championship and add to its 98-game winning streak.

The Best Everyday Diamond Jewelry Thu, 17 Nov 2022 17:05:00 +0000

Over the past three years, we have learned to be more relaxed in our fine fashion and jewelry. This means we want pieces that we can wear every day in all ways, along with pieces we already own and/or other new additions to our jewelry collections. And we still want diamonds! For today’s lifestyle, we are currently looking at small round and fancy cuts placed in familiar silhouettes with an edge, and mainly in yellow gold.

Whether you’re buying a gift for someone or just getting one, here are some of the diamond jewelry pieces that will get a lot of wear and tear.

The earrings

Earrings are always a safe bet; you don’t have to consider finger or wrist size or if a collar is the right length for the receiver. Also, women tend to forget to put on other pieces but never forget to put on earrings before leaving the house.

Ana Katarina 18k Gold and Reverse Diamond Pierce Your Heart Studs for the woman who prefers their “enduring love” with a bit of daring. These are set with a spiky texture and inverted diamonds and are not for the faint of heart.

Cutting-edge jewelry design The Swinging Diamond Oval Pixie Hoop Earrings in 18k Gold are some of the best hoops on the market. They give fluidity and movement to the more static hoops, which help illuminate the face with radiance.

Estate Diamond Jewelry vintage-inspired earrings offer the length of linear earrings with the softness of a circular bottom. Even in day-to-day routines, sometimes a girl just wants a little length and more bling in her day-to-day life.

Sorellina 18K and Diamond Shield Studs offer a modern riff on updated Victorian era shield shapes with varying yellow gold diamond cuts and a starbust diamond set center.

Thelma West The 18k yellow gold and diamond Sugar Hoops offer a relaxed elegance with textural interest and more understated diamonds visible from within the hoop.

Anita Ko Maya 18k gold studs prove that fancy cuts don’t have to mean you have to dress up to wear them. These go with everything in a woman’s wardrobe and are the perfect length for going from the office to cocktails, dinner or sitting down dressed from the waist up in a Zoom meeting.


Diamond rings are one of two categories of jewelry that you can actually look down and see yourself wearing; In addition, there are signet rings, stacking rings and rings that give you many gift ideas.

Christina Alexiou The 18k yellow gold heart ring combines ancient textures and shapes from antiquity. The embossed heart against a roughly cut textured surface is eclipsed by the sparkle of the diamonds placed surrounding the central design.

Natasha Schweitzer The pear diamond signet ring features fancy cuts to look at – pear shapes in all jewelry categories. The pair of this signet ring is placed from north to south with points facing up on one side and down on the other. The ring is imbued with an ultra-modern sculptural vibe.

Aurelie Gi The Neptune Diamond Constellation Stacking Ring in Recycled 14k Yellow Gold asks the question: can a woman ever have enough rings to stack? Every time she thinks she’s figured out different configurations, another ring comes to steal her heart. With diamonds and textured interest, this ring is the perfect gift for the can’t-stop stacker in your life.

The Rainbow K 18k Yellow Gold Illusion Ring with White Diamonds is sculptural with a line of diamonds protruding from the lower portion of the ring. It’s for the woman who prefers her diamond jewelry to be sophisticated with an alluring twist.

Brent Neale The Artemis Coil Ring in 18k Gold with Diamonds cuts right to the heart of the matter with a wrap-around style band and diamonds in different shapes that enhance the ring’s design.

Necklaces/Pendants: You can’t go wrong with a delicate diamond fringe style necklace in a shorter length or a customizable or patterned pendant for your loved one to add to the talisman charm necklaces they have built.

The last line The Darling Diamond Drip Necklace is designed with a fringe of round and small pear shaped diamonds. I can be the starting point of a layering or I can stand alone as the singular delicate piece that the recipient of this gift might never take off.

Walter’s Faith Dora necklace in 18k rose gold and diamonds with tablet and hexagonal charm. The double tags offer a substantial look and the hexagonal charm with a diamond bail is engravable.

Anna Maccieri Rossi The Horizontal Eye Charm in 18k Gold with Diamonds is a talisman your loved one can wear alone or add to a charm necklace. This one protects against harm while adding a little sparkle to life.

The bracelets

Opt for revisited classics. Whether it’s a curb bracelet or a diamond tennis bracelet, these will mix well with other soft or hard bracelets or have enough presence on their own.

Jemma Wynne The 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Anniversary Curb Link Bracelet features two classics colliding (a wide curb chain and star settings for small diamonds set all around) for the gift that will be worn frequently and passed on.

Ali Weiss Jewelry The 14k Gold Diamond Bezel Bracelet is the creator’s vision of the ever-classic yet ever-modern tennis bracelet. These bracelets have become the LBD of fine jewelry/

The Best NFL Jerseys, Ranked Wed, 16 Nov 2022 04:51:00 +0000

With 32 teams in the NFL, there have been redesigns after redesigns of each football team’s jersey to get to where they are now. Some concepts stuck, and some were quickly dropped. Fonts have changed in form, along with the choice of new color schemes. Whether they make players seriously intimidating or just flashy superheroes, there are undoubtedly some more superior than others. Here are the 32 NFL jerseys ranked:

32. Seattle Seahawks

With a design far removed from most NFL teams, the Seattle Seahawks use this bright neon green to blend with dark navy and stone gray, making it a sight for sore eyes. With the green getting flashier every year, it even gets harder to watch them play.

31. Houston Texans

At a glance, Houston jerseys often look like the Patriots. Both like to show patriotic colors, although the Texans don’t follow through to make it that extraordinary in their own way.

30. Dallas Cowboys

Their most notable feature is their silver metal pants and helmet, but just because it’s their most recognizable feature doesn’t mean it’s more alluring. The jersey being white and blue throws off the whole uniform. The uniform may need to do away with the metallic fabric and consider another approach, perhaps more minimalistic, so it doesn’t look like he’s about to step into a wrestling ring.

29. Kansas City Chiefs

Of all the teams using a shade of red, the Kansas team uses the worst shade of all. They try to adopt a vibrant retro style, but their shine dampens quarterback Mahomes’ flashy throws.

28. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have recently changed color over the past few years, going from their dark navy blue and deep gold to flashy blue and light golden yellow. Although it may be necessary to change colors from time to time, their new blocking bears a strong resemblance to their neighboring team, the Los Angeles Chargers. The font choice seems unprecedented, as its sans serif font makes the jersey feel less threatening. One of the only acceptable parts of their uniform is the ram’s horns decaling the sides of the helmet.

27. Detroit Lions

Blue like the Great Lakes above them, Leos have a lot of blue as a whole. With gray being their opposite color, it manages to make the blue look even tackier while the gray becomes washed out.

26. Denver Broncos

This vibrant orange hue is an interesting choice for their jersey, it definitely helps the other team see you coming. The dark blue stripes on the sides of the body down to the chest are the only nicely added detail, mostly because they take away some of that disgusting orange and sculpt the player’s body.

25. Chicago Bears

Although many will say the Chicago Bears have a classic look, they don’t stand out like other classic styles. It lacks a well-deserved shine, however, with colors similar to the Denver Broncos, they top them with their more delicious looking colors.

24. Tennessee Titans

The Titans have a lot going for their uniform, with two different shades of blue along with gray shoulder placements and the athlete’s number placed four times on the jersey. The font is also an odd choice, it is rather thin with extremely sharp serifs.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

Similar to the Packers jersey, the Steelers love to show off those gold and white stripes on their shoulders. The rounded, italicized digital font is very off-putting, unlike most serif, block fonts that most teams use. Along with the typical hatred for this Pittsburgh team, many like to ridicule their attire, always joking that they look like bumblebees with their classic black and gold-yellow ensemble.

22. Indianapolis Colts

With all the different shades of blue on NFL teams, the Colts just wash away with their bland, unoriginal blue attire. Although blue paired with white is a better use of blue than Leos. In fairness, they’re probably mistaken for the Cowboys, although at least they don’t use any metallic pants in their uniform.

21. Cleveland Browns

The Browns jerseys are definitely brown, as they should be. It’s dark enough not to look like real feces, although it’s in dangerous territory. They consistently feature an overwhelming amount of stripes all over the uniform, from the helmet, to the shoulder pads, to the pants, to the socks. Apart from the many stripes and their dubious brown hue, the orange pants complement the brown jersey extremely well.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars

There’s nothing too eye-catching about the Jaguars uniform except for its eye-catching teal color but could use a bit more upgrading. Add some spots to look like an actual jaguar and they could be fixed.

19. New York Giants

Not too bold, not too bland, the Giants keep it simple with their patriotic colors. Although the NY logo on the helmet looks cool and stylish, they could do with a better and more recognizable uniform with their iconic “Giants” logo placed somewhere on their body.

18. Washington Commanders

Since rebranding the team into their new mascot, they’ve made some fun tweaks along the way. The font choice is authoritative and sharp, which makes up for the lack of an actual logo at the moment. For now, they’re as solid as they come, but there’s plenty of room for much-needed improvement.

17. Carolina Panthers

When their mostly black jerseys are used, the Panthers manage to be the most intimidating team in the league. But when they aren’t, they just look mediocre. If they toned down the intricacies of cool blue, they would have a more solid uniform.

16. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona team is making a bold move by keeping their all-white helmets as well as their mostly cardinal red attire. Their best look is their all-black outfit, with their worst look being the mix of red on the shoulders and white on the chest. Either way, they look good or not, at least they stay somewhat true to their related animal.

15. Atlanta Falcons

The choice of font on their jerseys just makes sense, matching the sharpness and intensity of its falcon logo. The “ATL” on the upper chest seems ill-fitting though, so they would have to resort to their mascot name again. Similar to Cardinals, they both look great when fully black, although Falcons are a bit more intimidating in their dark attire.

14. New York Jets

You’d think wearing green on a green grass pitch would be a big mistake, but this New York pulls it off. They have most of the typical uniform features, from the quintessential block jersey police to striped detailing on shoulder pads and pants. It’s simple but still unique in the sense that not many teams can use green in their uniform.

13. Adventurers of Las Vegas

What a stylish look the Raiders have perfected, their silver and black uniform with the classic blocked font gives it true football form. There’s not really room for upgrading, as it’s not necessary. The only complexity comes from their logo and that’s all they need.

12. New Orleans Saints

Gold and black are the best possible colors for this team, that’s undeniable. And similar to the Raiders, it creates a simply sleek and elegant look for the team while still being menacing all the same.

11. Buffalo Notes

With a valiant blue fixed with their red and white stripes, the Bills can easily be mistaken for Captain America. While some teams can’t pull off a superhero look, the Bills manage to work with it because their colors aren’t too garish.

10. Miami Dolphins

Miami’s jersey color actually matches that of a dolphin or at least its aquatic habitat. Opting for a retro style, they do well with their bright colors that are pleasing to the eye as they swim through the terrain.

9. Minnesota Vikings

On the two purple jerseys, the Vikings have a slightly more extravagant shade of color. For its own retro look, pairing purple with golden yellow is similar to what the Packers are going for. However, both work on their own,

8. Los Angeles Chargers

Although they share similar colors with their neighboring team, it’s the bolt on shoulder pads that make theirs a bit more delightful. Reviving a retro look, they are somehow able to pull it off, even with bright and flashy colors. They look like superheroes, but at least their mascot is integrated into their uniform, unlike most teams.

7. New England Patriots

The patriotic colors are very suitable for patriots, it is not debatable. Their uniforms have barely changed and don’t need it and its perfectly toned colors fully match the Pat Patriot mascot. But overall, it’s still not the most impressive or eye-catching set in the NFL.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The shade of red that the Buccaneers really display exudes a high level of intimidation and warmth, combined with those pewter helmets and pants. The crisp, quintessential black-outlined typeface is quite fun, making the jersey numbers look as bold as possible. It may sound simple, but it’s bold and intimidating enough to get the job done.

5. San Francisco 49ers

Yet another classic and consistent uniform from the San Francisco team, the scarlet and gold pairing well with the stripes to create a dignified ensemble. Compared to the Kansas City Chiefs who also use red and gold, the 49ers sweep the field when it comes to who wears it best.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have evolved their kelly green colored jersey to a thoroughly attractive midnight teal green, although many fans want the color to return to its original roots. But the new color rendition isn’t too bright but just subtle enough to please the eye, just like an NFL jersey should be. The wings placed on the front of the helmet are one of the best features of any NFL uniform, and something every Eagles fan should be proud of.

3. Baltimore Ravens

The crow’s purple hue shows balance and isn’t too overpowering. The font used on the Ravens’ jerseys stands out oddly, making their jersey numbers stand out among the rest. The intricate insignia on the shoulders adds a bit more honor and spirit, which many teams lack.

2. Green Bay Packers

The Wisconsin team kept their jersey always the same for several decades, making it not only recognizable but iconic. They really own their retro style and aren’t afraid to keep it going year after year. The colors go together extremely well, with dark green to show off their envy and this vibrant yet cautious golden yellow.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

The Southwest Ohio team seamlessly integrates its mascot into its jerseys, proudly displaying its Bengal stripes on its shoulder pads and helmets. Other teams should follow suit and work harder to incorporate their mascot into their uniform to enable real intimidation on the field.