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How does casual chic differ from eye-catching casual, glitzy casual, dressy casual, party casual and business casual?

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Lori Borgman

We have received an invitation to an event where the suggested dress code is smart and casual. It made us dizzy, prompting us to ask a lot of stupid smart casual questions.

Does smart casual require us to bring academic transcripts? Maybe pin them to our chests or haphazardly pull them out of our pockets when the conversation drags on?

If there is such a thing as casual chic, doesn’t that mean there has to be a not so chic casual too? If there are pictures of what not-so-chic casual looks like, we might be better able to deduce what casual chic looks like. We are the ones who learn more by watching “what not to wear”.

If we don’t come dressed smart and casually, will our intelligence levels be assumed to be below average?

Is an embellished Oxford or Yale hoodie considered casual chic?

I did not mean it. I’m just asking for a friend.

To complicate matters further, how does casual chic differ from eye-catching casual, glitzy casual, dressy casual, casual party, and business casual?

Of course, the basic question with each dress code listed is, “Can I wear jeans?” “

Jeans have become the world benchmark.

Often we are getting ready to go somewhere and the husband asks, “Can I wear jeans?” “

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