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“I have two guys who tell me they love me all day long. They are the people I can always count on and talk to about everything,” said “Lauraleigh,” the name loan from a full-time “Internet girlfriend”. who works on a site called MyGirlFund. “It’s hard to explain. You could say [it’s dishonest] to accompany it. I like to make people feel good and really take care of those I approach. I will chat for hours, even on days they don’t contribute. ”

And by “contribute”, she means financially. Men pay her and many other women for their time and company online. They have never met and will never meet.

It is a website for men to interact with women via text and video chat en Live Cam Link. There is also a system in place for men to pay women privately if they wish. After that, it’s pretty open.

Over the past six years, MyGirlFund has grown into a unique community with its own standards and economy. While there is a “sex cam” aspect, the most interesting phenomenon here is the platonic relationships that men and women have on the site. Money changes hands on the site for a number of reasons, even for something as innocent as a guy helping a woman pay her rent that month.

MyGirlFund welcomes around 8,200 women from all kinds of backgrounds and sees 15,000 new male members signing up each month to chat and spend money. Members buy credits worth $ 1 each and spend it on whatever they look for within the site’s rules, which primarily prohibit sharing personal information and meeting in person.

“ People can go out there and interact with real people, not pornstars. ”

The lack of physical interaction, coupled with a cash transaction, seems to perpetuate the most superficial and ephemeral exchanges possible. But in many cases, this has led to relationships lasting months or years that seem to have a degree of real emotional investment.

The prospect of a man sending money to a woman he’s never met in person is a bit confusing. Here’s how Brian, Founder and CEO, explained it: “Guys send girls money, whether it’s for content or just to be a nice, generous guy. Some guys want to feel important to these girls. … we’ve heard that they help pay for things from tuition to speeding tickets. ”

He says the site is not only a unique type of social network, but that it exists because they are “very serious about empowering young women as self-sufficient economic agents. People can go out there and interact with real people, not acting pornstars, but real girls… being themselves. ”Overall, the site is full of down to earth women.

They are not role models or “performers”. These are the girls next door – literally, as most work from home.

This army vet pays for her doctorate through MyGirlFund.


Lauraleigh is proud to form true relationships with the men of MyGirlFund.

“Lauraleigh” has been on MyGirlFund for three years. Before joining the site, she was in the military for two years and worked as a security guard for three years thereafter. She recently started her graduate studies to pursue a PhD in Human Genome Studies.

Despite the site’s ban on meeting in person, she said it was quite easy to befriend people: “I love to talk and chat a lot. I’m also very silly. A lot of girls. are chatting with a guy and just pushing content. I never mention content unless they mention it first. ”

When the women at MyGirlFund talk about “content”, they are talking about the videos and photographs they sell on the site. It is up to the individual to decide how they wish to represent themselves graphically.

The site is not a one-way system where men chase women. The fact that there are far more incoming male customers than women on the site means that women have to adopt sales skills to generate their own demand. “There are many elements to market you here. I send messages to people, I publish contests, [and] blogging, ”Lauraleigh says.

MyGirlFund can earn women enough money to build up a full-time job. It’s Lauraleigh’s only income right now, and it’s enough to support herself and her 6-year-old daughter while living “in one of the most expensive parts of the country.” Although she did not want to disclose how much she earns, she said: “Examining my income history over the years is a classic example of how [putting] time and effort in relationships makes all the difference. ”

Women can earn up to $ 55,000 – without leaving home.

It is difficult to determine consistent financial data on the incomes of these women. There are different levels of involvement to consider – some women may only use the site occasionally, while others make it their full-time job. One of these full-time users shared anonymously that she was making between $ 40,000 and $ 55,000 per year on MyGirlFund.


Kandidreams is married with two children.

MyGirlFund user “Kandidreams”, 27, has been on the site for three years. She told me about her life outside the site. “I am a stay-at-home mom with two children (my firstborn [died] in 2008), “she said.” I have just managed the house while the husband is at work. Take care of the children, the house, the dog. During the day, I’m just your typical mom, honestly. ”

She and her husband met at a different site which she described as being for “pinup nudes, so he kinda knew what he was getting into.” Previously, she had been a body drill, working in a tattoo studio for “a number of years”. After studying graphic design and “doing a real job for a company,” she decided it wasn’t for her.

MyGirlFund was “something I was interested in and [my husband] was nothing but support. If I tell him I need to ‘work’ he makes sure he can watch our kids so I can escape for as long as I need to talk to the guys here or make videos and the like, ”says -it.

Kandidreams also has its regular visitors. “I certainly have a few [men] I talk every day, but some of them travel a bit, so it’s more difficult to keep in touch. Some come back randomly throughout the year and pay for some content and leave for who knows what, but others we have real conversations – “How was your day? [or] “So-and-so at work was a backpack again?” etc. Then there are some guys who just text you to tell you what they would like to get from you and that’s it. You never hear from them again. Personally, I like to get to know someone. ”

His activity on the site brings in real money which improves the quality of life of his family. “It definitely helps with bills and the like,” she says. “I know Christmas would have been pretty tight without the little extra I brought [on MyGirlFund]. ”

“We don’t need any ads or user data.”


Pixiedoll has blocked interaction with anyone from their home country on MyGirlFund.

“Pixiedoll” is newer on the site, having been a member for just under six months. She graduated from culinary school in 2012 and now uses MyGirlFund to make ends meet while working in a restaurant and paying off her student debt. In general, the other women on the site don’t seem particularly concerned with protecting their private information, but Pixiedoll has blocked all interaction with men in her home country.

“I didn’t want to have to worry about accidentally seeing my boyfriend’s coworkers,” she said. In addition, she engages with the rest of the site’s users to discuss and sell content.

“I have a few guys who write to me all the time, I have a few guys who ask for personalized videos, I regularly chat with 15+ people. I try to follow old friends and make new friends all of them. the days, ”she said.

The site has a huge advantage when it comes to monetization as a social network. Stefan, director of business development for the site, said, “Nobody wants to pay for the interaction, so Facebook has introduced ads and data sales. But a guy is willing to pay to interact with a girl he likes. as long as it gets answers. We don’t need any ads or user data, so we can leave our network untouched. ”

The MyGirlFund team claim that the site is unlike anything else. Most adult sites revolve around selling specific content, but Stefan and Brian believe that “selling content is not a good business model”. Instead, they looked at “what’s wrong with the adult world and what’s wrong with social networking sites” to build something that revolves around “the relationship that forms between users.” .

Just as contractual relationships end, not all relationships through MyGirlFund work. Lauraleigh told us what it was like to break up with a man in England: “That sucks … I cried my eyes out. It sounds silly, but he was a great guy and I could talk to him about everything and All of a sudden he stopped connecting and for months I would keep texting him in the hope that he connects but that still hasn’t happened … Honestly, j would have moved to the UK for him. ”

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