Rockets set to suspend Kevin Porter Jr., Christian Wood

Kevin Porter Jr. is expected to be suspended for a week. Or longer. And if the unpredictable Porter leaves the Rockets again, a rebuilding franchise will instantly know what Cleveland believed: Porter is not worth it.

Christian Wood should be suspended for a few games. And the worst team in the Western Conference is expected to explore Wood’s trading market already.

Normally, it would be simple. All business. Nothing personal.

But the Rockets are 10-27 and have lost seven straight games the season after finishing the worst 17-55 in the NBA. Which means it’s messy, personal and complicated for general manager Rafael Stone and coach Stephen Silas, who have been linked together for two bad seasons and produced a combined 27-82 record that says it all about the condition. current professional basketball within Toyota. Center.

James Harden no longer wanted to play for the Rockets. Russell Westbrook no longer wanted to play with Harden and, therefore, did not want to stay with the Rockets.

A season later?

Porter, 21, left the Rockets arena in the middle of the game on Saturday night in another blowout, while Wood overpaid – when you earn $ 13.6 million to ‘lead’ a 10-27 team, you are technically overpaid – not interested in reinstating a game he has barely played.

Who does Wood think he is, Scottie Pippen?

The latter would run brilliant circles around a modern 6-foot-9 tall man who clearly struggles with his place on a struggling team that won’t be a serious contender for the Western Conference Finals for years to come. But the undrafted Wood is also on his sixth team since 2015, and he’s a key defenseman for one of the worst defending teams in the NBA.

It’s too early to say this Rockets rebuild isn’t working. They won seven straight games not too long ago – after starting an embarrassing 1-16 – and randomly produced some electric moments where it felt like an exciting moment to be a Rockets fan on the ground. floor of a hardwood startup.

But the Rockets have also been in internal and external conflict for two seasons, and it’s no coincidence that Porter leaves the arena and Wood essentially refuses to leave the bench at the same time the Rockets continually lose … while paying a Veteran point is keeping John Wall an absurd amount of $ 44.3 million for doing nothing throughout the 2021-22 season.

The Rockets looked everywhere in November when it was disclosed that they were in discussions with Wall about his return to the field, especially since he was not supposed to play this season and the entire 2021- campaign. 22 was meant to be devoted to the interwoven development of General Choice # 2 Jalen Green and Porter.

The Rockets have always been at their best with Green off the field, while Porter’s numbers have dropped significantly this season. He shoots just 36.6% from the field, 32.8% from 3-point shots, 62.5% from free throws and only 12.8 points on average after averaging 16.6 points in 26 games with the Rockets last year.

Porter has never come close to winning anything in the NBA and always tries to convince the entire Association that he can be counted on for 82 games. He had issues off the field in Cleveland and walked away from the rebuilding Cavaliers, raised concerns with the Rockets tanking last season and now has heated trades and is losing his temper as a second-place Rocket. year.

If he can’t get carried away by Silas or the well-respected John Lucas, it’s on Porter, not the Rockets.

But, again, this whole situation is messy and complicated for the Rockets. From a real-world NBA wins and losses perspective, Silas doesn’t have much to stand on. Lucas has the loudest old-school voice in the room. But Lucas was also a finalist for the job Silas received. And when Silas took on the Rockets job, Harden and Westbrook were still in uniform, while Wood was originally signed to complete Harden on hardwood.

Fans will adhere somewhat to what “Light the Fuse” is, even when the Rockets are 10-27, as long as a young team gradually improves and it is clear that the young talent of the team is. carpet on the ground.

Green scored 29 points, a team-high, made five 3s and converted 12 of 14 free throws in the same home loss that saw Porter leave the arena in the middle of the game. Wood wasn’t interested in coming back to the same game, although he’s supposed to direct Green and Porter on the pitch.

It undermines Silas, Lucas and the entire coaching staff.

It undermines everything the Young Rockets are supposed to build in a fundamental season.

It’s also hard to preach chemistry, sacrifice, and teamwork – and ultimately create better defense – when you can’t even keep an untested 21-year-old guard in your own arena on game night.

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