The casual groom is ashamed to wear crocs and shorts to his wedding

A new husband has sent people into a frenzy as his wedding photos show him wearing crocs and shorts during his ceremony.

Caressing his new bride, who wore a long formal white wedding dress, the husband wore relaxed khaki shorts, with a short-sleeved shirt without a tie, alongside his bright green fangs.


The man was dressed super casually for his big dayCredit: Reddit

The less-than-traditional wedding photo was shared on Reddit, and viewers reacted with horror to the groom’s choice of outfit.

Posting on the “Terrably Groomed” forum, the Reddit user who shared the photo titled it: “Yes, that’s the groom who wears pots and shorts.”

The post, which received more than 903 negative votes, sparked a spate of comments, with many claiming the groom disrespects his bride.

“It’s… I’m speechless,” one person commented.

“It makes me feel bad for the bride like he doesn’t even respect her enough to wear pants. Or apparently socks for that matter,” said another.

Another said: “I think it’s inexcusable. Even though it’s a beach wedding, I think there are options for the groom to look good and at ease.”

Some viewers shared their similar experiences, where a groom was stripped naked on his big day.

“I attended a destination wedding where the groom wore exactly that outfit. Also, our wedding was a week after theirs and he was wearing the same outfit.”

“I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen a McDonald’s drive-thru wedding once. It was sad with a side of barbecue sauce,” said another.

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The groom's shoes were slammed by onlookers


The groom’s shoes were slammed by onlookersCredit: Rex
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