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Our season two dropped on Netflix late last year, but we’re still in shock – especially since the lockdown made us revisit old series.

As well as being introduced to Joe Goldberg’s (now Will Bettelheim) new obsession, Love Quinn, we’ve seen more bloody deaths and drama than we can handle, to be honest.

Here are just 16 unanswered questions from this You series that still drive us crazy to this day …

1. How did Joe Goldberg ship his glass cage from New York to Los Angeles?


We know he mentioned how difficult it was to rebuild the cage without Mr. Mooney’s help, but he didn’t say if he bought a new one or shipped his old cage. glass from New York to Los Angeles.

If it’s the latter, how the hell did he transport him across the whole of the United States, when he escaped the Big Apple with little more than a backpack?

And if he just bought a new one, well … it’s just lazy screenwriting. He literally could have used anything to trap his victims, and it seems sloppy to use the exact same * eye roll * tool as before.

2. Where are all his books?


To someone who is so treasured in books (for good reason), it seems odd that Joe would move out without shipping his books – especially if he brought his glass cage with him.

Even in her apartment, there isn’t just one paperback on the shelf. Weird.

3. What happened to Paco?


In the first season, Joe and Paco killed the abusive boyfriend of the mother of the child, before Joe got rid of the body.

Paco then showed up at the New York bookstore and heard Beck calling for help in the basement.

Despite her pleas, Paco didn’t release her (we all know how it ended), but ran away from the store.

We then see him leaving town with his mother, but surely Joe would have kept in touch with him?

The radio silence is a little weird, and we need to find out if Paco turns out to be a good person, or if he turns into a psychopathic killer like Joe.

4. Likewise, is Ellie really safe?


Yes, she sent a postcard. But is Ellie okay in Florida? Will she be in season three?

If you know of a more ridiculous plan, let us know.

Ellie is literally * the * best character on the show and Joe and Love screwed her up.

5) Did Love kill her husband James?


According to Quinn, her late husband died two years before meeting Joe / Will, after falling ill.

The couple were madly in love but got into a fight to start a family – at least that’s what she says.

Some Netflix viewers are convinced that Love played a role in James’ death – and given that she is “ confessed to several murders, including that of Joe’s journalist neighbor (why, why, why Delilah?), It doesn’t seem so unlikely.

6. And what did she do with Candace’s body?


After calling Love at Joe’s storage unit to see Delilah’s corpse in the cage with the killer, Candace goes to see Quinn, who is throwing up in a trash can.

Just when we thought the sisters were going to stand together and shoot Joe down once and for all, Love pounced on Candace and slit her throat with a broken bottle she had found in the trash.

We then saw Candace’s lifeless body curled up in the trunk of Love’s car, but so what?

7. Why are there no security cameras anywhere?

This, combined with Joe’s invisibility baseball cap, has to be the most infuriating aspects of the show.

8. Are forensic teams in the United States really that careless?


Joe not only peed a pot at vacation home Peach’s Greenwich in the first season, but his blood mixed with Henderson’s after their altercation on the stairs, thanks to the comedian’s robot vacuum.

Yes, at first they believed Joe’s cover-up was suicide, but then police treated Henderson’s death as a suspect.

So why haven’t they taken blood samples and done DNA testing? Madness.

9. Why isn’t anyone else visiting the storage unit?


Come on. We know they’re not exactly the center of the party, but surely someone walks in and out of their stuff within a few months?

10. Why did Fincher doubt Joe all the time, but come to his aid when Forty threatened him?


Alright, alright, so we know he’s a cop and it was his duty to step in and save Joe from Forty’s bullet, but why did Fincher then give up all the allegations and theories he had about the killer?

We hope Fincher succeeds and avenges Delilah’s death in the third series.

11. What happened to Peach Salinger’s private investigator?

Another cowardly ending to Season 1 is Peach Salinger’s PI – or lack thereof.

After Peach’s family hired a private investigator to investigate their daughter’s death, Joe was on the suspect list.

Joe even spoke to PI at the end of season one, so why, then, did PI just give up on the ghost in season two?

12. Where is Love going to buy clothes? Ask a friend

It’s not technically a plot detail, but we seriously love Love’s wardrobe.

13. Will our buddy Will (the real one) come back next season?


I’m not going to lie, we rather warmed up to the real Will Bettelheim – as Joe did, apparently.

Hopefully everyone’s favorite con artist returns from sunny Manila in time for season three.

14. What happened to Joe’s mother?


Season two not only explored Joe’s psyche, it also gave viewers a glimpse into his childhood.

We’ve seen Joe’s mom leave him alone to have sex with men, and we’ve seen his boyfriends abuse him.

But most shockingly, we found out that Joe’s first victim (we think) was the abuser of his mother and father, as young Joe shot and killed the man while defending his mother.

What happened to Joe’s mother afterward is speculation.

15. Who is Joe’s new neighbor?


It might sound wild at first, but it would actually make a lot of sense.

16. Is this really Joe Love’s baby daddy?


Forgive us if we’re wrong, but Love hadn’t slept with Joe for at least a month or so by the time she got pregnant, and neither was she showing it when she revealed the bombshell news.

With that in mind, it seems more likely that the baby is actually Milo’s.

It’s not like Love is against lying now, is it?

Your seasons one and two are available to stream on Netflix.

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