Young fans playing rock-paper-scissors for Dynamo Kyiv jersey bring smiles to fans

In a beautiful display of sportsmanship for moral reasons, three young football fans were seen involved in a game of rocks, paper and scissors to determine who could keep the Dynamo Kyiv jersey with them. In a video that went viral recently on Twitter, the three fans decide to play the game like adults instead of fighting for the jersey and accepting the results as they come. Seeing the young Dynamo fans approaching to choose the t-shirt keeper, football fans took the internet by storm, with their reactions to the video.

Watch the young Dynamo Kyiv fans decide on the winner of the jersey-

How has the internet reacted to the young fans of Dynamo Kiev?

Dynamo Kyiv is a Ukrainian football club based in Kiev, which plays in the Ukrainian Premier League. Meanwhile, Twitter users responded by saying they loved the way each of the children had suffered their loss, while one specifically mentioned the child standing in the middle wanting to watch who. would win the jersey instead of being disappointed and running away. Users also mentioned that adults should be looking to learn a thing or two from kids who lose the paper rock and scissors game. At the same time, users also mentioned that the video looks stylish and humiliating, and parents of children should take pride in raising children well.

Meanwhile, many users also suggested that Dynamo Kyiv should get rewards for the two losing kids for being gentlemen by accepting the loss. One user said he believes the club should send two jerseys for the two boys as they show an example of how things need to be worked out in life. Among the many reactions, one internet user expressed confidence that if he plays this game with his friends, one of them will remove the jersey and run away, while the game is in progress. While one fan said he still doesn’t believe how a dispute can be settled with such peace and ease.

(Image: Twitter- @ YisuscristViral)

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